Scoping Review - October 2018

Interventions to Identify and Address Basic Resource Needs in Kaiser Permanente Members


Social, economic and behavioral needs (SEBN) are critical determinants of health. Among the many domains of SEBN, the ability to fulfill basic resource needs (housing, food, transportation, energy/utilities, and health care costs) is fundamental to health and well-being. Kaiser Permanente (KP) leadership has committed to addressing these basic resource needs in its 12 million members, and the KP system has responded by developing programs to identify and mitigate those needs across its eight geographic regions. To accomplish this ambitious goal, KP collaborates actively with community organizations that provide basic resources.

This scoping review synthesizes evidence from KP-based interventions that have addressed basic resource needs between 2013-2018. The report was prepared by the Social Needs Network for Evaluation and Translation (SONNET), a consortium of researchers supported by KP Community Health.


In 2017-18, SONNET, the KP Care Management Institute (CMI), and KP Community Health identified 33 programs that have addressed the basic resource needs of KP members. Information about the design, conduct and impact of these programs was collected through discussions with program leaders and community organizations, qualitative interviews and focus groups with KP members and front-line staff, member and staff surveys, analyses of data from the KP electronic health record (EHR) and other information systems, program evaluations, and published research. While this scoping review focuses exclusively on work within KP, a rich compendium of research from other health systems is available through the academically-based, KP-supported Social Interventions Research and Intervention Network (SIREN) https://sirenetwork.


Addressing the basic resource needs of KP members requires a 5-step continuum of care that includes: 1) Thorough Planning of approaches to identify and mitigate needs; 2) Systematic Assessment of basic resource needs; 3) Timely and efficient Connection of members to community organizations that provide basic resources; 4) Improvement in access to basic resources and other personal, clinical and organizational outcomes resulting from these intervention; and 5) Spread of effective programs within KP and in the broader community. This care continuum requires the engagement of KP members, operational leaders, clinicians and staff, population health services, information systems, researchers and evaluators. We have used this framework to summarize our findings.

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