Who We Are

We are a learning network composed of researchers and evaluators who are committed to: helping Kaiser Permanente (KP) leaders and front-line clinicians design interventions that address the social needs of our members, guiding leaders in using KP's data and resources to inform evaluations, using advanced analytics to target interventions towards members who need them, systematically sharing learnings to scale up what works, and stop what doesn't work.

Executive Sponsors
The Executive Sponsors guide the network’s strategic direction, priorities, and projects.
Operations Core
The Operations Core team is responsible for all convening and communication functions of the Network including: coordinating Steering Committee meetings, website development and maintenance, newsletter development and distribution, webinar development and implementation, communication and promotion of the Network and its activities within and outside of KP.
Steering Committee
Steering Committee (SC) members are responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Network and the activities in which it engages.
Advisory Council