Why Look at Social Needs?

Volume 4 Issue 1

Increasingly, Kaiser Permanente (KP) members are being screened for social needs in the care delivery setting. We are leading the way in addressing social needs in collaboration with community organizations. In growing recognition of the importance of assessing social needs, KP’s Care Management Institute (CMI) developed a Social Needs Assessment (SNA) Measurement report. The overarching goal of this work is to align interregional social needs assessment measures to drive improvement across regional efforts.

Special: A note from SONNET's director, Dr. John F. Steiner.

Volume 4 Issue 2

Senior Investigator and SONNET Director, John F. Steiner, MD, MPH, discusses changes for SONNET in 2020. John welcomes SONNET's new executive sponsor Anand Shah, MD, MS, vice president of Social Health at Kaiser Permanente (KP). He discusses a change in the Steering Committee's focus and welcomes new Steering Committee members. He also discusses the plan for a director change in 2021.