Perceptions and Experience of Patients, Staff, and Clinicians with Social Needs Assessment

Volume 2 Issue 4

According to many estimates, more than half of the variability in health outcomes can be attributed to social determinants such as food insecurity, housing instability, unreliable transportation, and financial strain. Recognizing the opportunity to more completely fulfill its mission of improving member health, Kaiser Permanente (KP) has expanded the use of social needs assessments across the organization.

Pathways to Identify Basic Resource Needs

Volume 2 Issue 5

Kaiser Permanente (KP) has committed to identifying basic resource needs such as food, housing, and transportation in its members "as a standard part of quality healthcare and to achieve health equity." In the process of developing an inventory of programs to identify and mitigate these basic resource needs within KP, the Social Needs Network for Evaluation and Translation (SONNET) identified 4 pathways that help identify a member who is contending with one or more of these needs.