KP's Inventory of Social and Complex Needs Programs

Our inventory information includes: region(s), status, timeframe, objectives, description, target population, geographic reach, intervention description, operational and evaluative staff, assessment tool (if applicable), social need or needs addressed, referrals made, data collected, and the results/findings of each project. SONNET will synthesize information for broad use within the organization in an effort to shed light on the SEBN of specific member subgroups across KP regions.

Programs in the inventory have these characteristics:

Efforts addressing at least one of the following social or economic determinants of health (SDH): housing, employment, food, education, interpersonal violence, social isolation, legal services, childcare, transportation, utilities; and must be integrated within the KP care delivery system:

  1. Include if program addresses lack of resources for medical issues (e.g., not enough resources for medications).
  2. Evaluation component not necessary, especially if there were no funds or other incentive to evaluate. By including these programs, SONNET may identify prime evaluation opportunities.
  3. Shifting the question from: What HAVE we learned from a project to What CAN we learn from a project?
Programs excluded from the inventory:

Programs that only focused on reducing disparities while not explicitly addressing social needs were excluded.

Levels of access for KP Staff & Other Users

Entries in KP's Inventory of Social Needs Programs are fully accessible to a KP or medical group employee who wants to view, sort, and generate reports. We hope KP employees who want to network with others in our system about social needs programs find this tool useful. Other visitors to our site currently don't have this expanded access because the information is unofficial and informal, generated for internal quality improvement purposes.

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Coming soon! We are working on authorizations that will allow us to present the general public a snap-shot of the SEBN inventory within KP.

If you have any questions regarding the programs or the inventory, please direct your questions to the SONNET Operations Core team - Email:

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