What is SONNET all about? What do we DO?

  • Connect

    We connect social needs researchers and evaluators with leaders in KP, nationally and regionally to share learnings about measurement, methods intervention design, staff and community engagement, program evaluation, and applying advanced analytics. This includes contributing to ongoing interventions that address social needs across KP regions; applying advanced analytics when possible; evaluating and refining interventions for clinical and operational spread and communicating findings about these interventions.
  • Consult

    We consult on the design, measurement, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of social needs interventions that occur in KP. We link operational and clinical leaders with experienced evaluators (our Steering Committee members often serve in this role, especially in their home regions). We engage with new programs early in their development to have the most significant positive impact. We assist operational and clinical leaders in standardizing measurement and promoting rigorous evaluation designs that will provide actionable evidence to move KP forward in this space.
  • Translate

    We translate what we learn across the KP program and beyond, including defining the extent of social needs among our members, identifying the content and context of effective programs with an emphasis on scalability and spread, and disseminating and adapting effective programs widely within and among KP regions.